Tourism History

Königstein, Sächsische SchweizTourism developed in Saxon Switzerland in the beginning of the 19th century as a result of the general desire for experiencing nature by the growing middle class. The first tourists who came to the then unknown area were Pastors Götzinger and Nicolai and they also developed the first tourist map for the area, finished in 1830.

With the beginning of steamboat travel on the Elbe and the building of the  railway, Saxon Switzerland saw a great increase in tourism, resulting in many inns, restaurants, and hiking cabins being built in the area. During the the vacation movement "Strength through Joy" in the 30s, nearly 20,000 visitors per year stayed the night in Königstein. In GDR times, the Free German Trade Union (FDGB) holiday office created an extensive network of vacation accommodations.

Today Königstein offers its guests many different tourist possibilities as a modern holiday destination. Hotel, pensions, private rooms and holiday flats, combing in to more than 600 beds, await the arrival of their guests.