Leupoldishain, Saxon Switzerland

Leupoldishain Sächs. SchweizLeupoldishain, along with its district Nikolsdorf, was incorporated as a part of Königstein in 1999. Both were developed in the course of German eastern expansion into the forest. 

Leupoldishain was founded by Luthold and Nikolsdorf  by  "Lokators" Nikolaus or Niklas. The first mention of Leupoldishain, then named  "Leuchholdshayn", was in a document from 1379. In 1445, the name had already been changed to "Leutelshayn" and "Nickelsdorff."

This area is geologically interesting. Water didn't only carve the valleys out of sandstone, but also left a fantastic stone landscape, such as the Nikloldorfer wall, a beloved hiking destination today. In the vicinity of Leupoldishain is also a swamp, which is the only one in Saxon Switzerland. Unfortunately these wetlands dried up in 1870, so now you can barely tell what once was. Botanical hikers know the area as alder forest and the home of some typical swamp plants.

The villages were once inhabited mostly by farmers and cottagers. You can still see some old and interesting barns in the area. There are also many capstones over the entrances to houses in Leupoldishain. Nikolsdorf was only a small village with three inhabitants.

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